alright so i am looknig for an amp to buy this summer and i am looking for some input from everyone

So as of now i am deciding between a Hughes and Kettners, marshall or mesa boogie. I am interested on the Hughes and Kettners switchblade, but for marshalls and mesas i only have a general idea of what their amps sound like. I play a variety of music from 70s rock to blues to and even hard rock and metal. Does anyone have any suggestions on amps or some more info on the charactaristics of marshalls and mesas?
Switchblade is pretty decent IMO. A friend has the head version and it has a good range of solid tube sounds + on board effects that don't sound like ass.
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I play exactly the same stuff if your talking classic metal like Metallica and the like. My amp is great for this imo, it has a more british voicing, Iève been told it sounds like a JCM 800. Give it a look. Btw whatès your price range?
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well i am hopnig to keep it at around 1500 max but if necesesary i will work a little more to meet the needs so anything within reason
I have a 3 channel mesa dual rectifier and I love the distortion channels, each comes with 3 "types" of distortion. Its mean, loud, and great for the band I am currently in. We play sevendust, disturbed, korn, killswitch engage, that kind of thing. Channel 2 is very tastey for a blues type overdrive.

The only thing about it that im not very impressed with is its clean channel. Its not really BAD, I just can't seem to get that sweet tone I want out of it. What kind of pedals do you use? If you have an EQ or something im sure you can get it to sound good but plugging straight into it, it sounds a little weak. The good thing about the clean channel is that is has a "pushed" switch, which gives it a little bite and can sounds pretty tight, but when you switch back to normal, you have to reset all the knobs to get a decent straight clean sound, little bit of a nuisance for live playing, but you just gotta remember where you like everything for each setting and its not a big deal.

The solo button is pretty useful too, for live volume control.

The other two options I know little about, but hopefully I helped you at least a thirdly.

Oh and for prices. I bought mine, funnily enough, for a 1500 even, which included a traditional half stack cab. It was used, but the guy i bought it from got it re-tubed and an all around tune-up before the transaction was made. If you're just looking for the head you could probably get it new for pretty close to 1500, i think
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The Mesa Roadster is pretty frickin awesome. My kinda amp. I've tried plenty of high end amps but the Roadster is my favorite.
get a mesa boogie though,i own a mesa boogie express 5:50,even that the distortion is sufficient for me to play megadeth,it has those 5 watt switch to 50 watts switch.5 watts switch has a better clean in my opinion,i could pull off little wing quite close to original jimi hendrix's.if you're aiming for a higher price go for dual or triple rectifier.
i would reccomend the mesa roadking
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The Switchblade is a pretty fantastic amp. More versatile than just about everything.
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The Boogie Roadster/Road King would do it.
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For the money, Traynor amps are absolutely wonderful! I just got one a while back, and I couldn't be happier with it.
Rivera knucklehead if you want to spend a little more but well worth it. Upgraded from a twin and a lonestar much better than either of those.
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i was actually looknig at a mesa roadster
how different are the roadster and mark iv?
and how do riveras differ in sound to mesas?