So i've been trying to learn all power to slaves by cKy. I've got most of it down, although i still mess up occasionally. This one part still gets me though. I got it down pretty good yesterday, but today i just can't do it. I've been practicing this song for about 1.5-2 weeks, just trying to get it memerzied and work out the kinks. I just recently started alt picking and re-learned all the other songs I could play, now alt picking. before I started alt picking, i started to learn this song just downpicking, which gave me trouble. I'm really getting pissed that I can't get this part and tired of playing this song without any more progress. Should I start to learn a new song and focus on that for a little and then come back to this song? Heres the song just for referecene:http://youtube.com/watch?v=73vjIPmbxgs. The part that gets me starts at about 6 seconds and ends at about 8 seconds. sorry for the long post, im just frustrated.
Listen to CKY.
Best way to learn something you can't play is to play it slow till you can play it perfectly many times in a row, and slowly speed it up to the right tempo. Youve been practicing it for a couple weeks you say, so it doesn't sound like dedication is an issue. Its a boring way to do it, but its the best way .
The weird thing is I can play the part that gives me trouble just fine by itself, just not with the whole song. I guess it has to do the the tempo and **** of the song. I also find that I tend to end up playing faster than the actuall song.
Listen to CKY.
Sometimes you have to take a break from it. Maybe take a day or 2 off from that song. Then like tdopz said start slow. If you can play that part fine by itself, then practice playing the notes that lead up to it and after it. Just that little section. Play it slow and right. You will get it.
Just keep playing the intro part over and over until you get it down smooth. Also, did you get that tab off UG, is it accurate? because most aren't, even the band says that almost all of the tabs they have seen are incorrect. I guess we'll just keep waiting for the tab book they're supposedly writing.
thanks for the help. I'm using the power tab for 'all power to slaves'. It sounds pretty good. I think the one text tab on here is close to the powertab but some stuff is off on it. I can play bits and pieces of some cky songs and they don't sound too bad, and I don't even have an octave pedal yet. The only cky songs that i can play in whole are escape from hellview, sink into the underground and shippensburg. The tabs may not be exactly how they play it, but theres for the ones i've looked at and tried they're not too bad. Until that tab book comes out (if it happens) we'll just have to settle for these.
Listen to CKY.