I didnt know where to exactly post this.But this seemed like the right place.
I need help with making a riff after another..
For example..ill make a riff,but after that ill have a hard time making a riff that matches the 1st.Sorry if you cant see what im trying to say.
Any tips?
Try writing things using the same scale (same key). There should be some good theory links around here regarding what chords follow what well. Can someone post these?
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I'm not sure if this is the right place, so it will probably get locked.

But, because I'm a nice guy:
You could always change up the riff a little so it could match other riffs (that's if your heart isn't set on the way you have it)
you could find out what key it is in and find scales that would match it (you might not want to take this advice; I'm a total theory noob).
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