Here we go:
Vintage 30's, wired in parallel (4 ohms):
Total diameter : 12.2''
Cut out diameter : 11.1''
Depth : 5.3''

I prefer to work with odd numbers, in this i will have, basically, 4 different sized pieces of wood...

A and B are made out of solid pine lumber.

A : top and bottom. 29'' long, 11'' wide, 3/4(give or take 1/16) thick. 3'' deep rabbit on the front face. Dovetailed sides.

B : Sides. 17'' long, 11'' tall, 3/4 +/-'' thick. 3'' deep rabbit on the front faces.

C: Baffle board.17'' +/- tall, 29'' +/- long, made out of 3/4 Birch Ply.

D: Rear baffle, for output jack. 3/4'' birch ply, 8.5'' tall, 29'' long.

Will do a roundover on each corner, most likely will stain/oil finish to let the wood move a little bit.

As far as bracing goes... I will do poplar bracing around the front face/back face, and solid walnut for corner braces. pictures will come soon.
its even better (to avoid modes) to use prime numbers. i think it looks good. are you going to add a grill cover/ cloth/ screen thing?
yeah, i am still considering the best possible design for mounting/easy removal. I keep coming back to velcro, it just seems the easiest and simplest, as lame as it sounds. make a small frame out of poplar, or whatever i make the inside braces out of, and just apply velcro to the 4 sides, with the grill clothe wrapped around it and stapled.