Hey everyone, I bought a Squire Bullet off a guy from ebay, and after playing it for a month I've noticed fret buzz on the G string, open, not even when I hold down a fret.
Could this be because my guitar's action is too high?
I guess I should get it set up if this is the problem, considering I got it from a guy, and not from a store or mailed in from Fender. Thanks.
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Fret buzz is hard to diagnose without looking at it. I am not familiar with the bullit. Does it have a trem or fixed bridge? It could have something to do with the bend in the neck, the action, the bridge or even the strings. Have you changed them since you bought it?

You can check the bend in your neck by fretting the first fret and the fret closet to where the neck joins the body, and check the gap at the 8th fret to the string. You should be able to fit a business card in there. If you fret those 2 frets and the string is touching the 8th fret you need more bend in the neck.
It might be a nut slot that is cut too deep. Considering it's only on one string AND only when open...

Compare the slot with the others and see if it looks too deep.
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