Ok, So ive upgraded my amplifier from a crappy Solid state 15w affair, to a nice new Epiphone Valve special (5w) and instantly Ive noticed a change in tone (duh).

the damned guitar is TOO deep for me, even with the bass on 0 on the amp and treble on max, its just too bassy, I play a powerchord such as E5 i think it is


and it rattles me, the Low e just overpowers the other 2 strings im using, so the question is, do I need different pickups or is this the speaker on my amp? current pickups are the bog standard inf3 in neck and middle and inf4 at bridge.

If I need to upgrade amp, what speaker would I need? heard celestions are the way forward and if I need to upgrade pickups which of those would I need? so many to choose from but looking at dimarzio atm.

and to help the decision, the music I like to play includes : Greenday, The Offspring, Blink 182, Pink floyd, Queen, good charlotte nothing really anything heavier than that

Thanks in advance
i think you should maybe just adjust the pickups, move them around a little bit and see if you can find a sweet spot.
but you probably will want to eventually change the pickups anyways.
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Adjust pickup height. when all the notes in a single chord are the same volume then you know you did it right. also goes for changing pickups. When you play the same note on two different pickups, and both sound the same, then they are the right height. (they can't be the same height, since most Neck P-ups are hotter than the bridge.
how would I adjust them? just lower the screw nxt to the low E? or can the poles be moved? (I assume lowering them would decrease their "presence" in the tone
There's a screw on either side of both pickups, and loosing/tightening each screw will adjust that side of the pickup's height. Lower the bass side of them and raise the treble side.

EDIT: Yes, the poles can be moved IF you have humbuckers with one set of pole pieces that look like screws. Turning those poles will adjust individual string volumes.
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