I decided to buy this thing because i have a very low budget. i plan on buying the shure 57 to use with it as well. I mic up my guitar amp and i dont use any of the on board effects just straight recording. I was wondering if i would be able to record both of the guitar tracks and the bass track for each song, i have not been able to get the machine to record them on top of each other though. And also is there any way to simultaneously record vocals, guitars, bass, and drums? I'd also like to know how to export the songs to a computer or if i can just use the machine as an interface and have computer software do the actual recording.

thank you for any help you can give me.
Hey mate I have a MR-8 don't know how much different it is from the HD models but....Anyway 1st of all MR8 doesn't have phantom power (I don't know about the HD version).

Also to answer you question, I am guessing it's a 8 track recorder like the MR8 is so....in order to record 2 tracks simultaneously, press Record and the press track button 1 & 2 for example.

If I remember correctly, there is an Input A and Input B. You should use A for guitars and such as it has a little switch for input A to avoid clipping when recording guitar. You can only record 2 tracks at a time, unless you mix them first but I don't recommend that.

To get it to a PC, you are gonna have to bounce and mix everything to tracks 7 and 8. Or you can just plug the card into a pc without bouncing anything and put the tracks together there.

What you can do if you are recording a lot of stuff, is record tracks 1-4, bounce them to 5-6. Then record 1-4 again and bounce 1-6 to 7-8. Then record 1-6 again.

Haha well I tried to make sense, if you need more help just message me.
yea the only difference between the two units is one runs with CF cards and the other has an on board hard drive and on board CD drive as well.

Operation should be just about the same between the two units.