Hey everyone
Havent been on in like a year so im not sure if this is the right place to post it, so here it goes. It was quite some time ago, and since then we've fired our singer and have taken the job upon ourselves. For the record, I'm playing lead on the blue rg. Also as you can see we were pretty stagefrightened since this was our first show haha. well any feedback appreciated
Your singer needs quite a bit of work....

...and just a personal tip don't try covering something unless you do it in your own uinique way. Because even if you can play it just as good or even better than the original, people are always going to like original better unless you do something to change it up.
Yes we've fired him as i previosuly mentioned, and I know what you mean. We mostly play original stuff, that was one of I think two covers we performed just to warm up
i thought that was pretty good actually!
even the singer, he didnt suck half as much as most singers of amateur bands do
hey thank all of you!
we actually play more punk kinda stuff now but this shows our skill level
I (lead) use a gnx4 and my rhythym player uses a gnx3 for our tone
and sure ill crit yours