First off, i've only had an acoustic since beginning of april, but I have been playing that (and my electric i bought about two weeks ago), quite a bit, 2-5 hours per day average.

Now with my short 1 1/2 months of experience, my fingers are still get sore from fretting after about 30 minutes, but thats not my problem. I started fingerpicking Saturday night, but now my fingers are pretty raw and they sting as soon as I start to fingerpick. Now I know I should probably use a pick until they get back to normal, but i'm trying to have Dust in the Wind down fairly well by this coming Friday, because I am going to a campout, and I wanna have a song ready.

So with only a few days of fingerpicking practice, very raw fingers, and less than two weeks to get Dust in the Wind down, do you think I will be able to have it down? Regardless of the answer, is there a way to prevent my fingers from stinging while fingerpicking?
Oh, and my main goal is to have it down on the guitar, I wont worry about lyrics unless I have extra time to spare.
Ehh, you keep playing, but maybe have some like, masking tape on your fingers just to serve as a temporary callous?
try fingerpicking with ur nails
i know a few ppl who do that, including Justin Sandercoe
but then u'll have to get used to playing with nails instead of ur fingertips
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Very, VERY, helpful site!! Free, too.
I heard some people put superglue/ gorilla glue on their fingertips to work as callouses, though im not sure how safe it is.
ANd like the dude above said, should try your nails

G'd luck
Put your fingers in vinegar. It'll sting a quite a bit but will build up some callous faster. Or you could grow nails. Or play through the pain.
i usually fingerpick with my nails, the sound is a little different from using your fingertips. but it means i wouldn't need grow calluses on both hands.
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Or play through the pain.


Honestly, there's not much you can do to get around that one. Sure, you can put all manner of goofy stuff on your fingertips for a temporary fix, but at the end of the day it's not going to fix anything and will probably just make it harder for you to learn later, as you'll still have callouses to develop.

As for the question, I don't know how quickly you progress or develop callouses, so I honestly can't say wether 2 weeks is enough time. I will say if you're motivated enough, sure you'll be able to do it. When it comes down to what you can accomplish (guitar or otherwise), it's pretty much just you and your desire to excel.
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Basically, playing through the pain or cutting off your fingers and pulling a Tony Iommi is the only way to bypass this situation. If you must have it down in 2 weeks, the pain should clear up in about a week or so. I'd say 5-7 days. So, if you already have it mostly down, take a rest, or just play with your left hand each day.