I've played blues/rock since I started playing guitar (check my profile if you're feeling saucy) Recently, I've wanted to expand my horizons, mainly into metal, and I decided a new axe was in order. So between these two, what are the differences/is one better than the other?
I played the 350 at my friend's house once... very nice and perfect for metal, u might wanan change the pickups in the future, but they are more than good, actually better than what you expect from a stock pups, although i didnt like the clean tone of it.
one reserve i have about RGs is the bridge... now i never owned one but i can tell yoyu that it is not a great one. better trems would be the ZR and the edge proso i would suggets that u look into the Ibanez RG prestige and the S series
otherwise, there is nothing that this metal beast can't do
hope i was of any help
is there any difference between the two though? i couldn't see any but there is a difference in price so....