But I dont know how to show it better than this....crap now I cant even do that. I'm trying to upload a picture and am having trouble. The image is to big or so small you cant see. Can you all help me put up a normal size photo. Sorry the Bouncer is an SG lookalike that I finnished with truck bed coating and made a diomond plate pickguard also 81 85's. It's sorta cool I think.
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Upload a picture to photobucket, it has a built in sizer I think. The put the tags in your post. There you go... picture!
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Thank you, I will try that and show it. Thanks....No, didnt work for some reason, Maby my account at the bucket wount let that happen yet. Totally did the copy and paste the IMG thing but the upload just sorta sat there. Oh well I try again later. Thanks again for youre help. Maby you can see it there under" tymatt67 ".
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Shweet. I'm a sucker for diamond plate pickguards.
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Damn that rocks the block with a 9 inch ****! Nice guitar dude! What did you use to paint it?
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She's beautiful !
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As much as I don't like SG's, this one is extremely nice.
Good work
That thing looks intense.

...did you really lay it down in gravel to take the picture?
Haha..awesome guitar, though

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Yea little chip but dang you got one good eye I hoped knowone would notice. And thanks for the great comments. I wasnt sure how well it would go over. I think it was a duplocolor product just called "truck bed coating" that I sprayed it with.
it looks pretty good, i judge instruments way too much, thats why whenever i go to guitar center to try out an amp or something, i have to bring my own, i wont play a fender or gibson POS guitar. how does it play? any fretting issues/symp. buzzin?
It plays and sounds OK, really better than I expected I have a fret buzz I have to get out, but for my beater its great. And that chip happened in the last 20 minuts of the build when I installed guard, that alunimum plate is sharp I guess.
No I didnt build it. I stripped the finish and gutted a "POS" guitar and changed the electrics with parts I had lying around. The pick guard was a mud flad. The neck is bare wood with lemon oil on it and I think I wish all my guitars had that feature. Feels really smooth and soft.