I don't get Drumkit From Hell 2.

Isn't it supposed to be some sort of beat-making software?

If you haven't yet gathered, I'm very noobish at this.

When i open the program, I get stuff like:
Multi, Instrument, Modulation, Effects, and a keyboard at the bottom. WTH?
Is there a help menu or tutorial built into the program? Look for something like that, because those things have taught me SO much about my programs.
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Do you have any knowledge of working with MIDI? What sequencer are you using?
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Quote by fridge_raider
And what software are you using it in? Reaper, Cubase, etc. ?

Using it in? I don't get that part.

Uhm, I have:
Acoustica Mixcraft, Audacity, Cubase SX3.

Well, I have to use my friend's computer for the Cubase, but yeah. It's technically mine. Long story.
You should use the Drumkit from Hell within another application that acts as a host for it. I use Cubase, so I can explain it most easily for that. (You won't be able to use Audacity, as it doesn't have vsti support. I don't know if Mixcraft does or not).

In Cubase, insert the .dll file that comes with drumkit from hell inside the vst plugins folder on your hard-drive (This should be inside the Cubase SX3 folder). Then open Cubase, go to devices > vst instruments and on one of the slots, insert DFH. Close this window.

Insert a new MIDI track in Cubase (go to the track display and double click). Then, on the left, where it shows you the parameters, select DFH as the MIDI output device. Then you can draw a bar in the arrange panel, double click on it, and then draw in the MIDI notes on the grid, using the pencil tool. Usually, the drum notes will start from C1, with C1 being the kick.

Does that make any sense ?
There is poetry in despair.
It is complex to set up at first, but you soon get used to it. It just looks a lot written down ,that's all.
There is poetry in despair.
i dont understand why you people help these idiots with there stolen software... pfft