Although I'm not new in the world of music (I have been in band since 4th grade) I am quite new when it comes to bass guitars. I learned how to "play" bass guitar for my Culminating Project (graduation requirement where I live) and made a recording of Cliff Burton's "(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth" on my school's 1978 Gibson RD Artist Bass. I really enjoyed learning the bass, and wish to pursue further education with it and as school is coming to a close, I need to buy my own bass.
I would like to just go out to the local Guitar Center and play around with a couple and buy one there or online, but I know I'll regret it without getting advice from people who are more learned then me. So to get on with this ridiculously long post, I need some recommendations. I do have some requirements though:
1) I would not like to spend any more than $750 USD. But I am willing to go over if I have to.
2) I need a reliable bass that will last at least five years. If I really get into bass, I will pursue a higher end bass, but one that will last is more important.
3) I am willing to modify an instrument to my needs. If getting a cheap bass and putting better pickups in is the best option for me, then I will get out my drill.
4) A 5-stringer, fretless, or combination of the two would be great, but I doubt that is in my price range.
) This is the hardest part for me. I am looking for a bass with a wide range of tone. I love Jaco and Wooten's sounds, but I can't imagine it is in my price range for a sound like that. I need a bass capable of many different tones as I have many musical preferences: Metal, funk, post-punk, fusion, and jazz. I have a semi-decent multi-effect pedal by Digitech, so I can model effects fairly well for metal, but I have no idea what to look for.
I realize I am asking a lot, but I have no clue what to do. I would really appreciate your advice. kthxbai.
Sounds like a Fender Jazz is the one for you. You can get one it in nearly any configuration. For 750, go for a MIM or a good used american one. It shouldn't be overly difficult to find a 5 string fretless...is all else fails you can just buy a fretted one and put a fretless neck on it.
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