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less than 5 mins
0 0%
5 - 10
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10 - 20
4 15%
30 - 40
2 8%
40 - 50
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50 - 1 hour
5 19%
more than an hour
15 58%
Voters: 26.
What is a good limit for it? becuase I want to start practising sweeping every day.

poll coming.
Quote by loganrocksabass
over 9000?

and learn to spell first.

Kiss off?

and learn to play guitar.
Practice slowly until you get sick of it. A recommended pace from someone else isn't going to really help, just practice til you get the hang of it.
More than an hour if you have the patience and time, it really pays off after not quite as long as you'd think.
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20 minutes a day is all you need.
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Quote by loganrocksabass
over 9000?

Well I've been *trying* to practice about 20 minutes a day. Seems ok for me so far, as in I don't get bored to death but there is some progress.
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2 hours a day for 1 half-term week. Nailed it on the last day.
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As long as your hands can handle it, there is no limit. When I started sweeping, I practised from dawn till dusk for a month or so. When learning a new technique, I´d suggest you practise for a least an hour, two if possible.