So i need a new guitar and I need to keep the price somewhat low as to help balance out the cost of a new amp. I came across the JS100 after doing some searching, and the only other model guitar that I would want would be this Ibanez Prestige: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ibanez-Prestige-Series-RG2550Z-Electric-Guitar?sku=515738
I absoutely love the neck on this guitar, and was wondering if the JS100 has a similar neck to it.

Also, what would a good Overdrive pedal be? Thanks.
The neck on the JS100 is definitely different than the 1000, and the stock pickups and trem suck. I'd recommend against it. I have one, but only because it sold for $200 or something similarly low. It required a host of upgrades before I began to like it, and even now I'm annoyed by the 21st fret inlay.

As for a good OD, the FullTone OCD sounds really nice and gives a wide range. For more powerful distortion ranging into the Vai range I like the Keeley DS1.

Edit: By different I mean hit or miss. The JS1000's almost universally have perfect necks. The JS100's... well not so much. The quality control on the 100's is a lot weaker, so odds are you'll have trouble getting really low, even action unless you devote a lot of time (or set up money) to it.

You might be able to find a used JS1000 for the price of that Prestige, btw.
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OMFG, i also love that guiar but it costs £650!! thats $1200 in the UK.

I hate Ibanez.
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