I posted a couple days ago and didn't get a whole lot of help, just trying this again. Anyway, just want to know what we can do to make the song better, more epic, etc. It's called Conquer the Beast, the only song on the list http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/powermetalprophecy/ . The intro is about 2 minutes long, so feel free to skip to the actual singing at 1:55. Drums are from a drum machine, but its the best we have ATM. Thanks in advance
increase the volume of the instruments

the vocals seem fine, but the are some lyrical plosions which i heard

try to keep the volume constant the lead to do come in MEGALY loud which take u by suprise

have u compressed this song ??
and EQ?

the song is good very iron maidenly which is also added to by the vocals
The section were it says Die, Die, seems a bit to weak but once the volumes lifted it may sound more powerful

Pan a guitar 100%L and then rerecord that and Pan 100% this created a wide powerful tone