Firstly I have to say, bang for buck the Amplug is the best thing I have ever purchased. I have the classic rock version. It sounds as good as my old microcube did but much cheaper, admittedly with headphones.

However, Im getting bored with the tone range. I was going to buy the metal one, but I thought, meh these batteries get flat quick and I want something I can play any style with.

Any advice?

I know theres the likes of guitarport for PC and pods, but from what I have read they all suck when it comes to sound reproduction. Where as the amplug sounds as good as any real stack I have heard (yeah i know sounds BS)
For Blues Harp playing, they recommend Danelectro's Honeytone, which can take adapters.

Alternatively, if you are good with soldering, you can see if you can build the Ruby amp.
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what im really after is a mini head phone amp i can plug a pedal into, something portable.
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Look into Pignose.

I can't remember if it's headphone friendly, but the Pignose is the best portable amp bar none!