Looking to trade my 07 HR FR for anything of similar quality without a Floyd. Mine guitar is set up perfectly, and has been treated well. No signs of wear and tear, and has never seen a live show. It's black.

Looking for mainly Les Paul's, have up to $600 to add. (Thanks economic stimulus plan!)

(Sorry for the quality, it's the iPhone camera)

More images can be shared to potential traders.

Contact info:
Aim: x2x3x4x5x
E-mail: x2x3x4x5x@gmail.com
Cell # available at your request, looking for mature traders only, no bull****.

I don't usually post here, so if this seems sketchy I can go above and beyond to assure my legitimacy.
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why would you want a les paul?

Why give the man grief? If that's what he's looking for, leave him be.
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Quote by ILoveGuitar07
why would you want a les paul?

I love the feel of them.

Heavy, but sturdy. And the necks play nice? Lol...
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