I'm a bassist. The rig I've ordered (carvin bx600) will push 225 watts through the 410/tweeter. Normally, this isn't enough, but the cab has a sensitivity of 107db. Will this cut it, or do I need to add a cab?
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Just depends on how much projection you want. Another cab with only make you sound bigger. I think you'll be fine as long as you arent playing with the master on 10 for multiple hours.
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I'm not worried about killing the cab or amp...the amp is made to go down to(and cool) 2 ohms, and the cab can handle 800 watts. What I'm wondering is if it will be loud enough for decent sized gigs. (like a large church or something)

Another cab would put it at 400w and 15" more air-moving capability
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We don't always play in churches...there was one gig where we played out in the middle of a high school gym with only our amps...that was no fun at all.
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