Good morning, dudes. I've got really bored these days and wanted to do something different, that i've never done before - an instrumental. It's quite not finished yet, maybe not even half done. I have a whole dozen of ideas but "Me lazy is" to write 'em down. I'll get a grip and try to finish it in 1-2 weeks. I'm very satisfied with myself. It's not a Metal God shred piece. It's just what i understand for beautifull music. I love mixing all types of heavy metal genres - thrash, neo-classical, heavy and etc. It's interesting. Hope u like it.

Screams Of The Past.zip
Good morning to you too, man.

The first thing I noticed about your piece was all of the cool harmoines; You utilized them all very well and it all kind of flowed (especially with the little acoustic harmonies near the end).
On bars 68 and 70, I like how you have the second guitar playing what the first guitar played (like a delay, I guess).
Throughout your piece, you used bends very effectively and it sounded really nice (Bars 42-43, OH MY GOD! AWESOME!)
Nice job with the acoustics as well; what you did with them was creative and you don't see that often (the acoustic shred-like parts).
Overall, you did a very nice job. Keep up the good work, man.

Crit mine, please?
It all makes sense
We're capable of beauty
Through sounds that make on cringe
The dogs only hear us now

I like the mood you set realy good.
Your acoustis stuff is also realy good.
As for the lead work, well its good, and i like your bends and all, but i would like to see more contrast in speeds. And im not talking about superfast licks. Just some triplets in betwen and stuff. Like at bar 27+ you use only 8th notes, maybe put in some 16ths in between and stuff to get more rhythm.
At bar 15 you can realy hear the rhythm, and it could also be more interesting, using breaks or something.
35+ is awsome, here you use a little more speed contrast, bends'n slides, goody.
bar 60, with higher speed i like the rhythm alot more, but still, could be more interesting. But this time the chord progression is a little altered. And damn i like it, the chord at 62 is just so pleasent to my hears, mmm. That aplies to 61 aswell.
I like the way you hold out your leads at 67+

So overall i like this stuff. It is a little diffrent, which is good. But it needs some work IMO.
nice harmonies
i like the 'creepy' feel of it.
try to get more different rythm
i tried to bend & vibrate.. it's hard. ;D
but you used the bends very well
without drums and bridges and stuff it sounds like a bunch of riffs; good riffs.
i liked the last riff the most..
finish this song, dude.
You've got some nice harmonies, they sound really nice with the acoustic. The whole song is full of nice riffs. I would like to hear it with drums and some bass too, that would give it a better flow! and last but not least, Finish it man!

Ps. Thanks for critting mine.
Liked to listen to this , it doesn't get boring at all which is very much one of the main problems with instrumental pieces , but did you consider adding base and drums? I think that would be great to get a more fluent rhytm

Like your leadwork , especially the bends are very nice and also making it slow and building up tension , but for an instrumental i would still add some more tecniques maybe in the second part , what about some chicken picking or pedal tone or ovatio or whatever , just something that makes this piece more unique , or just a classical acustic guitar riff , yes i'd like that really much , the chors you youse are also fine especially the like dim powerchord or whatever this is , but maybe you can change the key signature to build up more tension , thats just some ideas as it's not yet finished maybe they can help you , I'D really apreciate some alternate pkkcing classical guitar stuff,

rate 8,5/10 so far please pm when it's finished to hear the result

PS maybe some spanish flamenco styl guitar ? ... I got some nice licks in mind right now

PLease also crit my new Progressive Metal Intro

Thanks in advance