I thinking about picking up a bass guitar.
I don't want to have to buy another amp.
My friends dad said a guitar amp would explode if you ran a bass through it.
Only having one amp, I decided to ask before I possibly blew my amp to hell and back.
A guitar amp isn't designed to take a the low frequencies of a bass, and it would eventually damage it, and the speaker would certainly be damaged if you gave it long enough.

It's won't explode, but it won't do it any good.
If you play it softly it should be okay with the amp.
But a bass through a guitar amp will make you loose tone.
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Don't do it. Damage to the amp may or may not occur within a short time, but you WILL damage the amp eventually, and the damage will most likely be fairly severe.
Yup, it'll blow up and kill your kitten. Just like the FAQ says.
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If you want one amp, you can play a guitar though a bass amp with no ill effects, many professional players have done this.

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I agree with that guy ^^

Sell your guitar amp and buy a decent bass amp. The guitarist in my band uses my old bass amp whenever he doesn't want to haul around his 4x12.

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