would a muff pedal sound good through a valve king?

i recently tried out a ts7 with it, and the sound sorta sounded as if it was muffled, its weird and hard to explain. so would using a muff make it sound clear, yet really heavy?

any help would be greatly apreciated!

also, in theory, can you basically add an od pedal to any amp, to boost the distortion?

I think the best way to add clarity to the amp is to replace the speaker with a good one. I honestly don't think the distortion needs boosting, though you could use an O.D to tighten it up.
Yeah, the Valveking has plenty of gain on its own. A V30 or another speaker change works wonders with clearing them up.


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Adding a grainy as hell distortion pedal to a already grainy amp is just going to get you pure pure harsh mud if your trying to boost the gain channel with it. Learn to eq the amp, change the speakers and tubes out and buy you and eq pedal and OD pedal. Best way to make that amp come alive...
fuzz is a pretty different sound from OD, but if you want a nice clear distorted sound you have the wrong amp.
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