I was talking to the guy i know at my local music store and he was telling me about the nicest Guitar Amp he's seen in a long time. It's called the MI Audio Revelation and god damn is it sexy...

Go to it and read it...its about $3,799AU and im pretty sure it was made in Australia so i think its nice that we will finally be on the right side of guitar amp prices. Finally the US can suffer from shipping and taxes like we do... unfortunately its about $3000 more expensive than i can afford lol

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_DrGAPRrnQ No audio as of yet, thats the only video footage i could find....
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You'll find it will be cheaper in America once exported.

Just like the new Pontiac GTO is about $100,000 cheaper than the new holden GTO model.
im really surprised theres only been one comment....it has friggen flashing lights what more do u need
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I'd be more impressed if there was actually a slim chance of me trying one, but there isn't, so...
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Well it looks increible and going by the standard of other MI Audio stuff, it'll probably sound wicked.
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