hey all. ive got a strat imitation that i use as my second guitar for other tunings etc, and im going to repaint it. im after soething cool and semi different, yet still simple to do, ie a cool colour scheme. any ideas? pics of ideas would also be great thanks
what is the guitars origional colour ?
I'd be glad to tell you a sick one, but I am using it on my strat copy as soon as i get paint.

Try staining it cherry red and paint your pickguard back. Thats simple and should look cool.
it was black when i got it, then it was lime green, and now its grey primer lol so im starting fresh. i was thinking about doing something with the natural wood but yeh it wasnt that attractive when i sanded it back, so i think im goin to go with a cool colour scheme.

i though about doing liek a gold top, where id mask it off and paint the back and sides black, and then try to do a gold sparkle on top, similar to a gold top les paul....any thoughts?
does anyone have any thoughts on the gold top idea? i think it would look sweet as long as i got the line between gold and black in the right place. i could put a white stipe in between the two...that would look prety nice