Hey guys, how is everyone today?

ive been searching online for the song information for California Dreaming by the mamas and papas, but i havent found exactly what im looking for.
what i need to know, and where your help is needed, is the key of the song and the time signature. the tempo is 112, right? (i couldnt access any sheet music to see for myself, nor figure it out)
thanks for the help!
youre right, the tempo is 112 . I believe its in the key of A major (maybe F# minor ? )

edit: i mean, if you want to improvise you can do it even in F# minor, thats not actually the key of the song i think
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thanx for the chris sleep, but what im looking for isnt tabs, i would like the sheet music for it.
i only know a nuada arrangement for it

it has tabs and sheet music i will find it but it is dufficult

this is how it is played in this sheet to give you an idea


it is written in acrobat or power tab

the acrobat has the tab and sheet music combination and i think it is Cmaj by the treble clef having no sharps or flats but unsure

here the link to the page


real good stuff on here by the way
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