Hello all!

As Dreams Fade Away

This is a song I recorded awhile ago. It's my attempt at a soft song and aside from my horrid vocals I'm pretty satisfied and trust me, I can sing a lot better than that. I was at the time very new to singing and recording. If you want more info on how it was recorded see this blog

Everything played by me. Mixed and mastered by me.
If you want the lyrics let me know and I'll post them up.

So give it a listen and let me know what you think and if you want me to check out your stuff just leave me a link OK.
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i think the intro is very cool. very medieval/zepplin sounding. the vocals could use work. they were a bit weak. you're very good at hiting the notes, but the inflection could use.

the intro to the distortion was awsome. i like your tone hear. riffwise this song was very impressive, i love the acoustic guitar parts. very folky/cool

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Good job on this. The beginning reminded me of some of Opeth's acoustic stuff. What was cool is that the distorted part didn't sound anything like them. One part that I didn't like was when you used distortion on the original acoustic part, I've never really been a fan of really big chords and distortion. Also, for the solo, I'd say work on playing not just stepwise scales but more melodic lines, and also vibrato. My favorite part was the "time didn't stop" portion, really good job on the guitar there.
Gotta agree with the Opeth style into. Really nice feel to it. The vocals need a bit of weak, but thats because the music is quite impressive. The distortion comming in was pretty cool and the acoustic still playing gave it that Opeth feel. I really like the solo as well as short and sweet as it was.

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Thanks for the crit, it was very helpful.

I liked the medieval-esque intro. reminds me a little of "Elizabeth My Dear" by the Stone Roses.
I also liked the dynamics throughout the song from the soft intro to the distorted guitars later on.
Also, sweet harmonized guitar solo!

Vocals do need work, support your singing more with more air from the diaphragm.