Ok, I'm running a bunch of pedals through a Fender Deluxe, and I'm trying to figure out whether to put the effects through the amp input or effects loop. The tone seems to be clearer through the effects loop, but I then I have trouble with the volume balance.

This problem mostly applies to my distortion and compressor:

When I'm running through the amp input and I set my clean volume to match my distorted volume, the balance stays the same no matter how loud I crank the amp. However, when I use the loop, I have to re balance my clean/distorted levels whenever I change the amp volume.

Why is this???

It wouldn't be that big of a problem if I could set my stage volume and be 100% certain that I won't have to change it, but as we all know, adjustments usually have to be made throughout the night, and I'd hate to have to re balance all my levels every time I change my amp volume.
i'm not sure i have the exact answer you are looking for but i believe they make a Master Volume pedal specifically for effects loops that might help your situation. i don't think it is a 'pedal' necessarily as just similar sized box for effect loop.

maybe someone on here has one or knows more about them.

Does this happen with the distortion pedal in the input, and the compressor in the loop, or are they both in the input? If the compressor is in the loop you will have to rebalance, because the pedals in the loop are totally bypassing the preamp.
Wow. Thanks for the quick replies.

GoDrex, isn't it kind of a pain in the ass to run some effects direct and some through the loop? Up until now I've always been more of a guitar & amp kind of guy, never messed with pedals too much, so I do like to keep it simple when possible. Seems like splitting it up would require two pedalboards.