What are the main differences, which sounds better, anything i should know about them?

they both seem to have a 'q' control, six wah ranges, and a boost.
are they both good for cleans, as well as distortion, ive heard the 535q is, but wat of the dimebag.

i play RHCP, cream, metallica, iron maiden, pantera, hendrix, sarch, vai and petrucci
Which should i buy?

and yes, i have read the ultimate wah thread...
I've played with the Dimebag quite alot - to be quite honest im not really a fan. As you know its got some extra knobs on it so you can adjust the frequency band that the wah works in (at least i think thats what it does), but is pretty pointless imho. Plus its got a volume boost which again is unnecessary and doesnt sound great. After trying alot of Wahs , i went for the Zakk Wylde wah - its got a really wide sweep, and it sounds really sweet too.
To be honest though, for a clean funk sound, both the Wylde and the Dime are probably a bit too savage...
theres mode mods on the net for the 535

and i doubt dime used wah on cleand much
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