Hi everybody!
I'm pretty much settled on buying it, but I want to hear some UG opinions.
I mainly play blues, classic rock and a bit of jazz.
I use a Fender American Stratocaster and my homemade TS808 clone, a DS-1, a V847 wah, CE-2 clone [chorus], and line6 echo park.
Do you think it will do rehearsals? it's a 15 watt class A tube amp, with a 10 inch speaker. I love the sound of it but a bit worried about the lack of a footswitch for the boost.
Shoot your opinions.
strat player forever.
Have you tried it?

Paul Rivera is demo-ing them at a shop near me next week, I could tell you more after I've seen that.
Yes, I have tried it and like it very much - but i want some feedback from you guys because the one I'm about to buy is probably the first and only one in Israel, so I don't have too much feedback here [it's brand new from the dealer].
strat player forever.