I have barely any knowledge of amps. I know (basically) how they work, the difference between tube/valve and transistor amps.

I know what i want to get out of an amp.

But i have no idea what im looking for. I would just go into my Dawsons and ask there, test a few out, but sometimes i really hate the guys who work there. Some can be real pricks, and just not help you unless you're buying something.

So here i am, asking you good UG'ers to help me out.

I would really like a nice high gain valve amp. I play metal such as Balck Sabbath/Randy Rhoads, modern rock, death metal and classic rock.

I'm not sure about prices but i think something around 200 quid would be a good range budget.

Something small but loud enough to play in a practice band. A 1x12 at around 20~30 watts i'd imagine.

Whats out there for me UG?

Thanks in advance.
Peavey Valveking.
Or Peavey XXX Series.
If you really got the money go for the Peavey EVH.
Jackson King V KVX10
Line 6 Spider III 75 W.
Peavey 5150/6505 Combo to be owned at the end of 2010.
I was gonna say, i looked at the LC15 on youtube and everyone is using it for blues.

I say everyone, one person used it for a Crazy Train cover.

I'm looking at the Peavey Valveking 112 now
Valveking might pass Death if you got a decent overdrive. Try save up a bit more more and look for bargains on Ebay