C4C fragment of joke-y song, written off the cuff, or there abouts...watchall think?
Rhythm? think thrash

Darkness, gleams in every eye
Without a doubt, you know your gonna die
Stop, look quick as the feathers start to fly
They're coming to get you, iiiitss....THE WRATH OF THE PIGEON!!

Shiny Beaks, Stab at open eyes
Scream all you like, no one can hear your cries
Talons rip, and tear at your throat
They're taking over, iiiits...THE WRATH OF THE PIGEON!!

Belligerent creatures, with vicious plans
To take back the world from the unworthy man
A cloud of disease and rabid rage
They wont stop, not at this late stage
haha, that was great
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What does sustain,pickup, and humblewockey(its wrong but it sounds liek this) mean on electric guitars?