Title says it all. Stock strings are .09-.42, right? Should I change off the strings the moment I get the guitar? If so, what strings would you recommend?
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Don't use Ernie Ball, they rust faster than any other brand I've ever played.

And there's no need to change the strings immediately unless you fell that they're already rusting and/or getting "played out".
Sorry man but I absolutly LOVE Ernie Ball strings. String choice is a preference. Go buy three or four different kinds and switch them out and find out what YOU like not us.
it depends

when i got my new ltd a bunch of new ghs strings were atached to it. they were kind of cool
Am I weird or does it seem that stock strings can last for a reaaaaaaaaaaal long time before they go bad as opposed to new strings you buy?
I replaced mine a week after bringing my new guitar home. The strings had a grungy feel to them. Probably too many test plays. I also cleaned the fretboard too. Niiiiice and smooth now!
if they are rust free and in a gauge you prefer then keep them on until they need changing, but I always put a fresh set of Power Slinkies on new guitars I get and set them up for that because usually the stock strings are too thin.
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