yeah they have an amazing tone, especially Mark Morton
its really treble-ish but also has sufficient bass in it.... i too am trying to find their settings, if i do, i'll post it here
heres something i found at

"In Willie's segment, it's pretty easy to see the settings on the Mark IV. On the top of the amp is written(from left to right): 7/8.5/3.5/4/7.5/2.5/4/2. The graphic eq is set, from left to right: just under the top line, just above the middle line, just above the bottom line, half way between the middle and top line, and just under the top line. The toggle switch farthest to the right is in the up position."
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i forget which one uses the IV's but he has them both running at once, one with scooped mids and one with pushed mids
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Ultimate settings thread.

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They both use Mark IV's and have done since they started the band.

Mark runs two heads, wille runs just the one.
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