thats wat i need to kno. i pretty much swith between standard and drop-d tuning. i like to play skate punk (nofx, bad religion) and idk wat u call that stuff like the devil wears prada and a day to remember. i got a standard mim tele and a marshall mg30, but b4 u say anything, i kno it sux. thats y i need some suggestions. im looking to spend between 350 to 500 us dollars. thanks ppl.
Jesus, that's so poorly written my eyes are bleeding. Maybe you should invest that money in English lessons.
you get get that blackheart amp, not very powerful but if your not gigging then get it and some pedals
Marshall MG 100HDFX

The distortion is CRUSHING
I've bought, sold, and traded more gear than I care to admit.
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Marshall MG 100HDFX

The distortion is CRUSHING

the overdrive is brutal
How about the Roland Cube 60, or Vox Valvetronix AD50VT, these two are great.
Although, the Roland is better for metal/high-gain stuff out of the two. But you should check these two amps out.