Hi, I'm new.

I've been lurking for a while now but I wondered what the pits opinion was on a debate I was having at school today.

Top three fighters ever. I got as far as Sephiroth and Goku

What do you think?
"In 10 years time we'll have all these 30-year-olds on I Love 2008 talking about how embarrassed they are to have been emos. We'll have a Tory prime minister who's a Fall Out Boy fan."
- BBC News

End This Fad, It's Gone On Far Too Long

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If you can't convince them; confuse them.

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I think anyone who hasn't cheated hasn't lived.

The Ultimate Warrior!

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Okay, big-T is a legend first and foremost

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You are awesome, Big T.

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Would like to publicly state that Big-T is my new God and Hero
I have to choose..........ME, CUS IAM AWESOME
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Isn't it a little big-headed to name yourself "God," TS?


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I love you TS.

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Any thread with that title is sure to deliver, and this one...well...it did.
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The Ultimate Warrior!


"I was sent in a capsule from a place long from here and I came here for one reason: to attack and keep coming. Not to ask but just to give. Not to want but just to send...send the power of the Warrior down everybody's throat in the WWF till they become sick of it. Well you're gonna get sick of it because this freak of nature right here is just beginning to swell. And when I get big enough, brother, there ain't gonna be room for anybody else but me and all the Warriors floating through the veins, and the power of the Warriah~!"
Ultimate warriors???

It's a ****ing cartoon. Who cares? ::waits for sarcastic response::