Hey my bass player is selling his old setup, whole shebang goes for $500. Will ship however, you pay shipping if you want it that bad. Midwest Preferred.

(Peavey Mark VI, peavey 1x15, peavey 4x10)

Tolex is beat up from roadware but everything still works PERFECTLY.
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Good luck selling that, if it's still up for sale when I get my tax stimulus I will probably get this off you. For your sake though I hope you sell it before then(mid-july)
What's the head? I might want it if it works perfectly. Where are you located, exactly?
Hey dude, im not sure what the head is exactly, its my bass players. i know its 400 Watt solid state, has chorus built in and stuff. He MAY sell it separately, but im not sure. make an offer and I'll relay the message.
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PWRMAX - make an offer on the head if you are instersted, he said hes not opposed to splitting it up.