I live in AZ and every summer it seems that all my guitars need their frets filed down by the shop (because certain notes get that "twangy" sound and you can't hear the note) I believe its because the fretboard expands because of the heat. I have 6 guitars and have to spend 100$ each on them every summer. Does anybody know a way that I can avoid having to blow so much money every summer for this? Is there anything i can buy? Please let me know, thanks!
keep em in your basement when not using them for extended periods of time.
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Never had this problem when I lived in the high heat and high humidity environment of florida. You only get to file fret so many times before the big expense of refreting happens. Are you just playing with alot of finger pressure and wearing the frets out.
Dry heat should definitely SHRINK wood. Maybe the fretboard shrinks and pushes the frets up? Are the frets "barbed"? I think this problem is VERY unlikely on all six of your guitars. Why don't you adjust the action (truss rod, raise the bridge or nut) rather than file the frets?