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I'm really hungry and wish I could make anything beyond sandwiches and cereal with milk.

So i was kinda wondering what can UG mkae in the kitchen.

P.S: I wish i had a waffle machine, those are easy to make

P.P.S: Dammit, I had to consult google on the spelling of Kitchen and experience
Roast marshmallows on the stove and make smores
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- Pancakes
- Cookies
- Omelettes
- Soup

Or good old cheese on toast. Put a small amount of cayenne pepper on top and it's oh so tasty
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i used to be a pretty good cook, but i haven't really cooked since being at college and not having a kitchen for the past 3 years...
I was gonna say some hilarious woman joke. And everyone would laugh. But I'm gonna tell the truth.

I cook bacon in my kitchen, almost every single day. Some white bread + brown sauce + bacon = sexytime.


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Anything in a cook book? It's kind of funny, though. I can cook good, but my girlfriend can't cook for sh1t. She managed to mess up easy-mac.
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just fry some bacon and eggs...

btw, are you a cat owner?
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Scrambled egs
croque monsieur
french fries

Ooh, a cheese & ham toastie. I hear Gordon Ramsay really sh*ts bricks when someone orders that.
Steps for making lunch
1. Open cabinet and stare blankly for a few moments
2. pick up one can of something that is reportibly edible
3. look at label where it says "Preperation Instructions for Microwave"
4. open can, place in bowl, cover bowl
5. microwave
6. have horrible indigestion because the food that you ate is crap
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I actually went to culinary school for Baking and Pastry Arts for a year, yes i'm a girl! so i can make lots of homemade stuff like apple pies, puff pastry, croissants, cinnamon rolls, cakes, cookies, coconut cream pies, candies yum! but sadly i usually just eat pizza, veggies, or ramen noodles. really!
Pasta = easy...just boil water & pour in noodle goodness...strain & top w/sauce
Rice = kinda easy, just takes a while
Pancakes -> get just-add-water mix & wait until the one side bubbles then flip them
Eggs -> crack open & cook until they are no longer liquid, throw some cheese on it when it's solid
Pizza -> buy pre-made dough that's already in the round shape...spread on tomato sauce & buy shredded cheese & toss that in the oven...add spices like garlic powder, red pepper & basil from jars if necessary
Pierogies -> buy frozen ones from the store & heat up in the oven for 20 mins
Burgers -> buy already pressed into patties or buy veggie burgers & heat until brown (white-ish in the case of turkey burgers) on both sides
Grilled cheese -> bread, 2 slices of cheese & if you want (I usually dont) put butter on the outsides of bread...grill in pan
All easy things...
Mackerel on toast with cheese on top and sprinkled with black pepper! Oh and olives too!
Rule number three: Never open the package

It's magic magic baby!

I haven't had any solo experience in the kitchen as of yet. (I'm 15)

But I plan on learning to cook really well sometime in the near future when I have the time. (Maybe this summer?)

I do help my sisters or mom if one of them is cooking and I wanna learn something new. I helped my sister on Mother's Day cook dinner and it was a Chinese Noodle + Chicken dish. It was sooo good.
What you need:
- 2 large toes of garlic
- olive oil
- salt
- bread

What to do:
- Peel the garlic toes and crush the garlic.
- Put the crushed garlic into a small bowl.
- Pour a little amount of salt over the garlic (to spice it up).
- Pour the olive oil into the bowl, so that is almost coveres the pieces of crushed garlic.
- Take a small fork and mix these ingredients thoroughly.
- Take the bread, dip it into what you just created.
- Eat.

That's my delicious recepie.

EDIT: be sure to only eat it when you are not planning to go out the next day, for you could smell of garlic out of your mouth! i.e. no girls will be desperate to kiss you
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Lets just say... I put a hotdog onto some brown bread, covered it in tomato sauce and wolfed it down.

It wasn't half bad...

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I am hopelessly hopeless at cooking, I just can't get the hang of it.

You'll Never Walk Alone
Cheese sauce and pasta. Cheese on toast. Super noodles!
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I'm at work at my moms cafe now. I'm responsible for taking orders, working the register, and preparing the food. i.e. I'm the only one here.
I'm pretty good in the kitchen. I make bangin paninis, I can make amazing curry dishes, among other things, and I can usually throw some random stuff together and make it decent.
And yes, I am a guy

( i love that guys sig )

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I'm at work at my moms cafe now. I'm responsible for taking orders, working the register, and preparing the food. i.e. I'm the only one here.
I'm pretty good in the kitchen. I make bangin paninis, I can make amazing curry dishes, among other things, and I can usually throw some random stuff together and make it decent.
And yes, I am a guy

For a sec I thought you meant something else.
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The first thing about cooking is to understand the ingredients. Fresh is always better than frozen or canned. If you get good quality ingredients you get much better flavor quality and it's far easier to cook. Frozen meat can sorta end up rubbery, or overcooked on the outside.

Beyond that, just use your eyes and your taste buds. You should be able to tell when a chicken or steak is cooked properly, experiment with herbs and seasoning, and you should be able to come up with a few really good dishes of your own.

Cooking is the **** and it gets you so laid.

Pasta. Sauces. Protein. Bread.

If you can do all of that, you're an okay cook.
I got a chili thread around here somewhere.
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I can make omelettes, sunny side up, scrambled, over easy, my special meat sauce for spaghetti and fettucine alfredo. And oyster omelette with chilli sauce *drool*.
I can make cakes ^__^;

I'm pretty ****, I mostly deal with instant meals, although onestly if I have cooking instructions my food usually turns out pretty nice... although it's never stuff I like to eat. Damn the curse of the fussy eater.
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I can't cook. I always burn whatever it is i’m cooking. And if I can't burn it then I spill it so then I have to clean up. I can make toast without burning/dropping it though. I try to make porridge but the whole thing just sticks to the spoon. And I tried to make pancakes but I forgot the milk and was wondering why it was so sticky and when I added milk it didn't cook properly and was just dough.
So basically I can make toast, sandwiches, cereal with milk and scrambled egg.
It's pathetic considering my mum used to be a chef.
What is this kitchen you speak of? I have no experience of it.....
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I'm the master shef, damnit. (Woah, shef is a real word)

I'm awesome at baconz, sausages, eggs of any kind, anything else you can fry, steaks, pizza, pasta, stir-fry, noodles, spaghetti...

I mean ****, just look at my profile pic.

EDIT: Shef may not be a real word, but Mozilla is gay and the latest update killed the spellcheck
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I can make pancakes from scratch, pork chops, mac n' cheese from scratch, and more things i don't feel like typing.
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