I have 2 gig bags, but no cases, and I'm going to be travelling soon, so I'm looking into getting cases...

What cases would fit:

Silvertone Apocalypse, (Modded to ****, but same size)

Jackson Kelly

BC Rich KKV (<- Worst guitar ever... but the neck is sexy)

Any help appreciated, but the Silvertone is the one I need most... It's my baby
Checkout roadrunner cases from Guitar Center. Inexpensive, yet work nicely for a number of different guitars.

My best suggestion though, would be to take your guitar to a shop that carries a variety of hard shell cases, and try them all out. It's possible, and I've seen it, that cases even within the same model can have slight differences to them. You might not notice it with just staring at the case, but you can see those differences when you place your guitar in them.

It's the only way to get the best possible fit for your guitar really.
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