Going to be living in residence this coming fall. Should I go for a single or double room? Living by myself seems like it can get kinda lonely but if I go for a double room you never know, my roommate can be a total douche lol

Also post your good\bad experiences with your room mate!
room mate
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Dude, single. Make friends with the guy in the next room - that way you never have to worry about bringing somebody home and you have your own space for when things get stressed at exam time.
Single. You have your own space and you're bound to get to know people around you or there is bound to be a common area where everyone on a floor can hang out and get to know each other. That's the way anyway where I am. Everyone has their own room (and most has ensuite) and then share a kitchen and common area where everyone hangs out. It's great. I'd hate to be forced to live with someone. Couldn't do anything you wanted without having to consider the other person.
If you can afford a single dorm, you'll probably like it more. You have privacy and your own room to do whatever, and you still have plenty of opportunity to socialize with others in your hall. I'm still hoping I get a descent roommate this fall.
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single, having your roommate walk in when you have a girl over or something is really goddamn annoying, and really kills the mood.
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double. when you are in college get a roomate. dont worry about having alone time you will. its not like you two will have identical schedules. everyday of my life i wish i could be in the dorms again
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If you ever want privacy or a place to bring girls, definately Single. But if you would rather have a roomate around then go that route. But having a roomate definately puts a damper on s3x in an apt. Cuz then ur confined to just ur room, and then have to be quiet. lol screw that ****. I like having a place with roomates, but i hate having to be considerate all the time :P But thats just how i am.
I am currently getting ready for my Senior year at University of North Texas, and I have lived in the residence halls every year. The first two years I had a double room, and my roommates were selected randomly. The thing about that is...if you get unlucky (like me) you will be stuck with some **** all year, and who knows who he's gonna bring over to YOUR room. It got really annoying and I could never be alone when I wanted. Being with a friend would have been much better and much more fun. So my junior year I got a private room. It was SOOOO much better than a double...even though I was responsible for all of the cleaning and upkeep, its not like my old roommates ever did any of that anyhow!
Get a single unless you know who you are rooming with because chances are you will not get lucky with random selection. And if you're a musician, it is great to have you're own space to play whenever the **** you fancy!
-Cheers, and goodluck!
Room mate. Really.

Living with someone isn't that hard and you'll get to know them a lot quicker than you will your neighbor.
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im going to moving into an apartment with 2 friends before school starts up again. hopefully everything will go good. we have a blast hanging out together and then we can split the rent.
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Single. You can sleep quietly, and make friends with your neighbors/at uni..
Single. Other people are annoying.

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I would never take a double room.

I have a flat with 7 others. Seperate rooms though. People don't have to be in the same room as you for you to branch out a bit.
I had a triple room and it was alright. A single room would be soooo much better.

Also you can play your guitar whenever you want. I could never do that...
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I would go with roomate because your social possibilities increase dramatically. If he's a douche im sure you can switch with somebody. And having a roomate might help you quit your problem if you are a chronic masturbator (half the pit) looking to quit the habbit.
for freshmen year i would recommend a double. Its a unique experience sharing one concrete room with another person and trying to get along. After Freshmen year i would move off campus with some friends that arent likely to fail out unless campus is nice/cheap to live at.
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I haven't shared a room with a non-girlfriend since I was 10, no way in hell will you get me to share a room with someone I'm not shagging ever again.
Yeah I don't understand why this seems to be the norm in America. No-one does this here. You really do need your own space.
It does happen here in university residences, but after a year of that most people flee to find their own place.
I'm taking single this fall. I shared with someone last year and he turned out to be a complete junkie and a douche.
no roomate unless you know who its going to be. its not worth the risk

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Yeah I don't understand why this seems to be the norm in America. No-one does this here. You really do need your own space.

Where is 'here'? Because I'm in Scotland in a double room in right now.
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I didn't talk to my roommate that much last year; one time not even a word for a week, but I hang out with the guys living next door (free alcohol FTW ). I don't know, my roommate's presence just annoyed me for some reason and he slept with the TV on. It sucks.

If you can afford it, single. Roommate only if you have a friend going to the same school.
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Where is 'here'? Because I'm in Scotland in a double room in right now.
Sorry - I went to Southampton who almost exclusively have single rooms - I've only even seen one shared university room (my ex-missus shared a room for e month before she changed unis)

so it seems to me that shared rooms are pretty damn uncommon in England.
I think I will risk it and go double. The single rooms just looked so small and depressing :p I don't like being in small places lol

I'm pretty sure I can switch if I dont like it anyways.
well i'll say this if you get a good roommate good for you, but if you get a douche roommate God help ya
single. you have your own private space, but everyone else is basically right around you still. you dont have to worry about not liking the person or anything like that.
Go single. People will think you're gay (lol). But that's besides the point. What if you wanted to bring a girl over? You can't. Because of your roommate. Not only that, but what if your room mate tries to steal your girlfriend thus wrecking your relationship with the girl AND your room mate. I'd live by myself, but that's just me.
Dude, let's face it: No girl wants to go back to your dorm. Get a motel room, or chill at her place. Your dorm room will be messy and smelly and not sexy in the slightest, unless you're into that, and chances are that if you are that you're also into dudes. So the choice is dependant on how much you need to be around other people. I'd choose a single, because I like to play guitar loudly. But you might like a double. It all depends on how your roommate lives.
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