The guy bought it for like 120 euros but he is selling it to me for around 70-80.Is this a good price?Can I find a new one that costs just little bit more?
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don't buy it!!!! you can have one of those new at almost the same price!!! at my shop they sell it for 80 euros...
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I got mine, brand new, for just over $100 USD (~65 euro). I have seen used ones, though not that many (who would want to sell the thing!?), anywhere from $70-$90 USD (~45-55 euro) on sites like e-bay and craigslist (US site if you're not familiar).

The e-bay auctions tended to end up around $90-$100 USD anyway, so after shipping it didn't really make much of a difference in price for me than going to my local store and getting it new, plus I didn't have the risk of getting a lemon.

Then again I'm not familiar with gear prices in Europe, and seeing as how he bought it new for 120 euro, I'm guessing gear is much more expensive than in the US.
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