Hello there, I am currently "working" in a music store. Actually i work about one third of the time and then i'm allowed to play guitar how much i want as there ain't no work to do most of the time. I've been trying a few different amps, but I can never seem to get comfortable with the sound i get.

I prefer my Roland Cube 30 amp over every amp I've played so far. I play it through an Ibanez RG 321 (Which i like a lot). Anyway Im looking for a combo amp of which can be used for Gigs (preferably tube). I play mostly rock and heavy metal (AC/DC GN'R, Metallica and Black Sabbath). I think I'd like it to be just a little similar to my Cube sound wise.

The price range's about 800 U.S dollars.

well, one of the models on a roland cube is an peavey 5150. But why not just get the roland cube 60, it has speaker outs, so you could just hook it up to a cab.
btw did you know your boss has an account on ug and read s everything you post? heh :P orange tiny terror?
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i am so jealous i would kill to work in a music store just so i could do what u do. Anyway im with the rocker 30, love that am[
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5150 could be a good idea. maybe an XXX? Never played one but they are high gain amps. The rocker should be excellent, though you might want an OD to push it into metal.
If you're lucky, you might be able to find a used ENGL Thunder, a JSX, or a Recto of some sort in that price range. All of those blow away the 5150 imo, especially for cleans.