Well i certainly don't think they're hardcore. But I don't know anything about genres so I'll leave now.
I'm Tyler
They belong here, they are metalcore. And usually when threads start with "what do you think about band x/ isn't band x awesome?" etc, and end with that blue rocker smiley, well said bands are generic and frowned upon by memory (coincedently).

I say this in every as I lay dying thread that I post in: my old band covered 94 hours. Me, being the bass player, was very bored for most of it.

i hate all this "oh no its metalcore" crap.
i just call them metal, but given that this is UG, they probably got in here alongside KSE etc...

awesome band!
just bought "shadows are security" today!
have an "ocean between us" too
Top lel.
****loads of threads on them allready.

And btw, the new album is awful. They should return to frail words era sound.

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