I am a beginner using an Ibanez RG470 with a very basic low quality practice amp. I would like to get a more substantial amp. I do not particularly intend to gig and I would like an amp that is suited to all playing styles including clean blues tones (e.g. Dire Straits).

I have been looking at both the Marshall AVT and MG series (specifically the MG250DFX). I understand the physical difference between these (i.e. solid state and valvestate) but can anyone tell me how the sound differs between them and how well the new FDD (Frequency Dependant Dampening) feature emulates the valvestate sound?

Any information will be greatly appreciated,

the valvestate can sound decent, but it's not a great amp amp at all.
the MG on the other hand, is ****. it's cleans are sterile, and the distortion is harsh, fizzy and just plain crappy.

what's your budget, and what are your most important music styles ?
do you prefer SS or would you also be willing to get a tube amp ?
are you planning to buy an amp with enough power to be able to gig for later ?
if no, will you use it to jam with a drummer ?
stear away from both, oh and by the way, the AVT isnt a 'tube' amp, its a hybrid, they put a tube preamp section in, that really doesnt do anything to your sound like a full tube amp would.
For the money there are other options, eg. peavey valve king, or if you in the UK look at the laney vc series.
Ok I heard these the AVT and MG amps demonstrated. The distortion was wasnt great on the MG and was a bit better on the AVT. My budgets about £300-£400, I didn't realise you could get all valve amps in this price range.

How do the Peavey Valve Kings, Laney VC series and the Marshall JCM compare?
Is there any other all valve combo amps I should consider approximately in this price range?
Is it ok to use an all valve amp to practice for a couple hours a day, i.e. will it damage it in relation to it needing to warm up, etc?
If a valve goes how much do these cost to replace?

Laney VC is your best bet. valves aren't expensive to replace and yeah you can play a valve amp all day just like a solidstate amp
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Mg have a boring clean and a bad, uncharacteristic and lifeless ovedrive.
AVT have a boring clean but a slightly better overdrive with more personality.
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Look at a peavey classic 30. great tube amps. I got mine for 300 USD used, you can find deals. really great amps though
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The Valvestate Heritage series were the only decent ones made... Used to own a VS100 and loved it.. Only issue is everything i play is more modern american voiced so i ditched it for a peavey...
My drummer has one of the old Valvestate 808 models, which actually sounds pretty decent. Not as good as my valveking though.
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My drummer has one of the old Valvestate 808 models, which actually sounds pretty decent. Not as good as my valveking though.

Yup mine destroys it as well ... But if i had to choose a ss amp i would go Marshall VS100 Or Randall RH100
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My drummer has one of the old Valvestate 808 models, which actually sounds pretty decent. Not as good as my valveking though.

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Chuck Schuldiner used the VS808 .
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I would go with a Randall if I where you, a G3 combo would be perfect, plus they arent too expensive.

The G3 series used the valve/dynamic tech, so they clip better than standard solid states, i had an older randall from the G2 series and for a solid state it was incredibly good. I was considering buying a G3 but i found a used Peavey Triple XXX combo on ebay for £385, cound resist that! But yeah if you going solid state always choose Randall, they make the best solid state. There's no point buying a cheap tube amp brand new because chances are its not going to be very good.

Take a look at this:

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I got to see a AVT i was working on blow up with the chassis taken apart that was cool.... I was working on one for the store i contract for. They said it kept blowing fuse's so i took it apart and noticed it had the wrong fuse in it. So i put the correct fuse in and ohhh boy was that a fire works show lol. Turns out one of the componets was was jacked and shorting out. Also never got to fix it because the cost would have out wayed what they could part it out for...