Okay, so I'm getting a peavey classic 30/112 in a few weeks. Does anyone know what kind of effects if any come with this amp? I'm really getting it for the tone, not the fx.

Also, do you think I'd be able to run the signal through my micro cube and the output to the peavey? or is this just dumb. They say you can use it as an fx processor and I'm not at the point yet where I want to go out and buy a bunch of pedals. I wouldn't want the micro cube to COSM-ify the signal though, just to use the effects to hold me over til I get pedals
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first of all it comes with an overdrive and reverb as far as i know thats all
secondly that would be stupid and i don't think it's possible just get a pedal it wil work better
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it's a two channel amp with a shared EQ, effects loop, and reverb. make sure you get the footswitch.