Does anyone know if that is made out of quality alder? Also if it has a humbucker route in the bridge position? Also if i wanted to put a FR in all id have to do for a strat is drill the holes for the posts right? (ik i wont be able to pull up)

I was looking at getting a used MIM fat strat off ebay and putting in a Duncan 59', but i wanted 22 frets. This has a neck w. 22 frets and looks about as good at the MIM im thinking.

Also i apoligize if this is in the wrong part, but i figured you guys would know more then putting it in electric guitars.
Well, it's made out of basswood to start with.
It might be pool routed, I don't know.
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i think it is not routed for a humbucker in the bridge and that for the FR you would have to enlarge the actual tremolo cavity ..