In the middle there, it has a little bluesy like rhythm to it . I wouldnt call that fully Metalcore, but probably a Hardcore song, but not fully Metalcore.
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Thanks to UG, I converted from Metalcore to some "real" Metal.
Well, first of all, awsome song.
Now, 17-18 was a little long if you ask me. But with vocals it would work.
The part at 21 is not metal at all, but its pretty cool still. I do like it, but not sure how it fits with the rest of the song. Thats all i could put my finger on, The rest was just ****ing insane, So freekin good.
To be honest i didnt like it that much. Im sure im prob the only person who doesnt but whatever.

I did like alot of parts until you started doing that high note stuff. Then it just sounded wierd but what do I know. Everyone else liked it
It was alright, your other metalcore piece was stronger, in my opinion, this one was defiantly more dissonant, I sort've agree with the poster above, this is more of Hardcore, then metalcore.

It was a fun listen!
Blues-metal? Bad-friggin-ASS! Bars 17-18, however, would've sounded okay just played 3 times.

I recommend you check out Machinemade God, because your song reminded me of them. [Masked is the album to get.]
I think he really has an "The Absence" influence.
I dunno, that bands jumps out to me in his 2 metalcore songs.

he should continue writing this style!
Well thank you for all the feedback.

I'll check both those bands out, since I don't really listen to either of them.

I'll definitely be doing more of this style, mostly because my band wants to start moving in the more hardcore direction, which is okay with me, I just don't have much experience with it.
Sounds like you have tons of experience, personally. You've done better here in one song than many hardcore bands do in their whole career. If you ever get a band website, send me the link because I'll be buying all your albums. Seriously.
Didn't like it so much, I think personally you write better stuff in the Thrice/Thursday/whatever "posthardcore" genre you mostly do.

I see where the people that say this isn't exactly metalcore are coming from. Bar 1-8 the riff doesn't really groove (but is also not straight enough for the 4/4 beat you have underneath, and the intro solo was unnecessary weak). The breakstyle riffs later are much more metalcore though, but they don't excite me too much (haven't I heard the octave chords in bar 13-16 in one of your other songs before?). Nice idea with the sludge/stoner rock riffs in bar 17 and 21. Protest the Hero do things like that from time to time.

If you want to go with this, I suggest listening rather to hardcore like Snapcase, etc. I don't know where exactly the mentioned comparisons come from. 'The Absence' is a straight melodeath band (a good one at that), and Machinemade God is basically a Lamb of God-Copy with some Unearth thrown in (2nd tier german metalcore, though nice live show), and I don't see much of any of that here. Sure, it has breakdowns, but here's more emphasis on the dissonant, rather than melody.

Anyway - I liked your original style more, it seemed to have more promise. If your bandmates want to go along this path, well then they should write those songs..
haha, there's a riff in this song near the ending, which seems very Absence-equse.

Sort've along the lines of the intro to A Breath Beneath, im not saying it's a rip-off, the riff just reminded me of it, haha.
I like it. I don't usually care for metalcore, but I do like the bluesy fill/bridge thing in it, it shows your talent at writing music. I also like those dissonant parts, although they are a little gimmicky and the song could use more substance. In addition, the parts need to flow a little more, it seems a little too much like a collection of riffs. Overall though, pretty good, although a little jumpy. Remember though, I don't listen to metalcore, take this with a grain of salt.

it´s just fantastic i love the blues part even though it´s not typical metalcore... the only bad thing was some of the harmonizes but maybe it were supposed to be like that? 9/10
I love the southern rock part. Yes, its still metalcore...just with a hint of ****-rock in it. The only thing I didn't like was the 5-4 to 6-4 measures. Didn't sound right. Other than that its solid.

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