I've been playing since about last august or september. So far all im doin is playin chords and workin scales, but i have a huge problem with chords. I'm horrible at barre chords. This is mostly cuz i can never move my fingers to them fast enough. But the biggest problem with them is that last year I broke a finger during a basketball game and it didnt heal right. It wont stay in like its supposed to and instead moves out (usually onto the next fret ) I would really appreciate any advice someone could give me on this (by the way, I play right handed)
Barre chords are the most difficult thing to master. It will take time to develop the strength and agility to play them fluidly. You will have to experiment to find out what works best for you. Try using the edge of your finger instead of the "flat" of your finger. Be sure your thumb is directly behind your barre fretting finger. Try to keep your fretting wrist in front of the fretboard. For simpler chord forms you can use two fingers to barre. It helps to find the root note (or the most important note) of the chord first then try to form the barre. This way although the other notes might be muffled the important note will sound without affecting your fluidity. Practice on a guitar with high action. This will increase your finger strength. Hope this helps but don't expect to gain this ability overnight.
Hey thanks. I guess what's making me bad right now is I started to slip away from fundamentals and good technique. I won't really be able to practice on a high-action guitar though...kinda limited on money and right now I have a Takamine, which from what i've heard and seen are inherently low-action. Thanks for the advice though, I really appreciate it.