For the most part i liked it.

I liked that intro alot. It had that eerie feel to it. Kinda reminded me of "Black Sabbath" by Black Sabbath.

The solo was a little long and their was some parts you could have cut but it was good.

It also had a feel like the song "Inner Sanctum" by Behemoth.

Overall 4/5
The Guitar interplay in this song is absolutely nuts, though not on par with Anata (if you've never heard them, check them out, they do alot of counterpoint like your doing in this song) I actually personally felt the sections lasted as long as they needed to, this doesn't have vocals (or potentially Keyboards) over it so its bound to get boring just guitars and drums.

I do somehow think this song needs a faster brutal pummeling section, but its an otherwise exellent song.

It's got some really cool dissonant stuff, and goofy rhythms that threw me around at times, but it also seems to just be a bit too sludgy and slow at times. I think that picking up the pace, even if just for a short bridge, would add tremendously to this song.

7.5/10 for now. Some really good ideas, but needs some expanding.
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i enjoyed this one. i'm a sucker for doom metal

i do feel that you could have done more with the bass besides just root eighth notes

but man was that solo killer

my only suggestion is that a clean section could really add to the eerie vibe
That was wicked. Was not really a fan of this style of music, but that was blood brilliant.
(write as i listen)begining,,,eerie..like
like the look of this length,hope it doesnt get boring
like your drums,very nice +1
o,rythym in here..i like it,going with the eerie still...
still nice...
(almost 3 mins in) like this lead part...this is so good for Halloween
4 mins..like this even more..what the next 3 mins bring to the table? this is really good
wow! thats intense..is hat ascale or what?
how u make it so eerie?
love it

overall 8.5/10

nice job,now plz crit my lyrics in my sig..
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