ok. two problems.

i have a made in mexico fender jazz bass. it was somwhere around 500 dollars. I installed a badass 2 bridge on it.

so basically the A string constantly comes off the nut if i play it a little too hard.

another problem is now and then the pickups will fail. i cleaned them with water or windex once..i later found out i wasnt spose to do that. could that have effected it? i will plug my bass in, and for like a good 30 seconds, no sounds with come out. i unplug it, mess with the switches, plug back in and that whole dealw.e then it works

im still skeptical about my pickup problems..but how do u solve the other one.
Sounds like the nut should be filed more precisely to fit your string gauge. You may have to get a higher nut with deeper slots to retain your action. It also sounds like your AMP may need to warm-up. Do your pick-ups quit while you are playing or only when you first plug in? Avoid using water anywhere on your guitar (metal rusts and wood warps). Windex has strong chemicals. I doubt using them ONCE would cause problems but...?